What is specifically in tobbacco that makes people throw up when they swallow it?


I know you can swallow saliva from nicotine salt pouches, but why does tobbacco saliva make you vomit?

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Nicotine. Orally ingested it’s getting toxic pretty quick, and the concentration in normal tobacco is just too strong.

I chew snus but it’s different, i guess same goes for that salt pouch or whatever you are talking about.


This! I wondered why the one time I smoked weed that my cousin had rilled in a cigar instead of a swisher and after we smoked I got sick. But I’d smoked cigarettes here and there and never got sick.

Ok, starting again as I was way off base! Did some reading and I get it now.

Tobacco leaves contain naturally occurring nicotine as a pesticide. The amount ingested by smoking or swallowing a small amount from a nicotine pouch may make you sick or nauseous, but won’t harm you. But swallowing tobacco leaves means you’re ingesting a much larger dose of nicotine, which is poisonous* Hence the vomiting and risk of death.

**everything is poisonous in the right quantity*

All the chemicals in tobacco leaves are there to keep caterpillars from eating the leaf. Nicotine, while a powerful insecticide, isn’t the only chemical. Hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde are also present, and your stomach is sensitive to these chemicals because they are also poisonous to humans.