Why do houses front face the street?


I’ve noticed that most, if not all, houses I’ve passed by front face the road. Why not face away from the road?

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They don’t have to. Well, in some areas they don’t. If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, I’m sure they would have something to say about it. But realistically a house has to have road frontage to be built. I could be wrong about ever single city, state, etc, but typically it has to be connected to the road. As houses also have to be connected to utilities depending on when and where they were built. Now if you turned that house around you would have to either have a driveway that wrapped around to the back, or walk around the side of the house through the yard. Think about the weather. Walking around to the front of your house just to go inside during a thunderstorm if you didn’t have concrete. You’d get mad amounts of mud on your feet. So part of it is cost. If you have enough money, and you built a house on a lake or the ocean you could pay the extra cost to have it face the water front. But the short answer is cost, an easy to replicate design for building in a neighborhood, and lastly looks.

Either way you look at it, one side is the front and and the other is the back, no matter how it’s faced. If it was the other way around, the back would just be the front and vice versa. But usually the front is the best looking part of the house.

The practice surely evolved due to the speed, convenience, and efficiency of having easy access to the street, which connects the house to the community.

So it’s easy to get into the house. Otherwise you’d need to walk around to the back of the house to get in. Which is even worse if you’re in the middle of a row of connected homes.

Frank Lloyd Wright would agree with you that the home is for those living it in and should be tailored to the needs of the occupants. Some listening for you if you’re curious.