Why do monitors display more things on the screen while they have the same resolution as laptop screens?


For example: a laptop screen may show 8 icons on the desktop but when connected to a monitor bigger in size (inches) it may show 10 icons on the desktop even though both have same resolution so things should just look bigger

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Resolution is measured in Pixels Per Inch (PPI). If the PPI on a laptop with a 12″ screen and a 21″ monitor are set to the same PPI – for example, 1920×1080 – that does not mean that both screens the same number of pixels horizontally and vertically. It just shows they have the same number of pixels *per inch*.

The smaller laptop screen can’t display as many pixels as the larger external monitor can.

Laptop screen resolutions can indeed show as much content as desktops, but they are physically smaller. Condensing to that scale would work, but everyone would be squinting at their laptops.

Windows 10 has separate display scaling for each screen.

If both screens are the same resolution, but one fits more icons than the other, then it is probably becsue they have different display scaling set.

[Link to display scaling article](https://www.pcworld.com/article/2953978/use-windows-10s-individual-display-scaling-to-perfect-your-multi-monitor-setup.html)