Why have the prices of natural resources gone up when we have more efficient methods of gathering them then we did 100 years ago?


Why do things like wood and gas go up over the years when the world has developed way better methods and equipment for gathering and refining them?

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The price for _everything_ goes up over time. You can’t buy a coke for 5¢, like you could in the 1930s, for example. But (until recently, perhaps) the cost of a coke was (effectively) less than that, allowing for inflation.

This is due in part to the continued growth of our global population. The price of a good or service rises with demand.

And the fact that all energy companies are now with record high profits there no actual reason why they couldn’t lower the prices. They get to keep the money in bonuses while
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Many things. Corporate greed, inflation (5¢ back in the 80s are not worth the same as 5¢ now), increased population (and thus increased demand).

Because of inflation and also because the natural resources are not infinite there is a point where it gets more difficult and you need even more sophisticated gathering methods so you need to invest more and more on new methods.

100 years ago you had people manually scouring the rivers and they would just stumble across a 1 ounce piece of gold. Now you have absolute beast machines, burning thousands of litres of diesel moving thousands of tons of dirt until they collect enough pieces to make 1 ounce of gold