eli5 how do ejaculations feel good?


the question’s pretty straightforward. i heard orgasms being described as like a drug but if its a burst of seratonin in the brain why is it that the pleasure always comes from the groin area not the whole body?

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Ultimately the pleasure is not coming from your groin. It is coming from your brain which is associating it with your growing because that is where the stimulation is. But the dopamine and serotonin and all of the processing involved in feeling it are actually occurring in your brain.

With enough practice and willpower you can actually produce effects very similar to an orgasm through a pure meditation alone.

Well, for one, women often have full body orgasms. So, as guys, we got a bit shafted (the irony). But, for any sensation, no matter where it come from, it is ultimately the brain that “feels” it, even if it only feels like it’s in one place. But in addition to feeling that good sensation, a bunch of pathways are set off in the brain in response to an orgasm. This includes “reward” pathways. This makes you want to do the same thing again in the future, so your brain can get that “reward”. Unfortunately, drugs can do the same thing, making your brain want to chase the ‘reward’ of doing the drug again.



Pleasure and pain are just illusions caused by the brain. Things feel good because your brain makes it feel good.

Eating, sleeping, f…reproducing. They’re all good for you, so your brain rewards you for doing them by giving you pleasure. Stick your hand on a hot oven, and that’s bad for you, so your brain punishes you by giving you pain. That way you’re encouraged to only do what’s good for you.

But as I said, these are illusions caused by the brain. You can trick the brain. If you hypnotise someone, you can make them not feel anything, or feel things they shouldn’t, up to and including having orgasms on command. It’s all just your brain making you experience things.