why healthy food are usually not that delicious? isn’t our body supposed to want to consume healthy food?


why healthy food are usually not that delicious? isn’t our body supposed to want to consume healthy food?

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Biologist here

That’s not really how our biology works. Our bodies crave fat, sugar and dense foods because that’s what provided our ancestors with energy. Sugar was extremely rare for most of humanity, and was a great source of energy, so our bodies rewarded us when we found it with that yummy good feeling. Fat was needed for energy as well.

We didn’t eat on a regular schedule for most our history, sometimes we would go days between meals, surviving off forging berries and roots. So our body rewarded us when we ate things like fat and sugar, high in calories.

Evolution is super slow, if humanity was a 24 hour clock, its only be a few hours of time in the grand scheme of things since we were hunter gatherers. Our bodies are still wired to reward us when we eat what was once incredibly needed and rare food sources

Delicious is subjective. Personally, I love most vegetables, and prefer them without butter and carrot cooked or raw (if they’re safe to eat that way). I also prefer lean meats.

That said, in general, we’ve evolved to crave salts, sugars, and fats. This is because they were harder to come by in previous years versus modern era where we can just go to the store and buy whatever junk food we want. They provide boosts of energy, which was great for hunting and not starving to death in winter.

Additionally, our neurons in our brains register sugar, salt, and fat as pleasurable. We release endorphins when we eat them.

When we say “healthy” today we often mean not eating too much, but the more typical problem in human history and in nature is not having enough. In most places it’s easy to find plants with some degree of nutrition, but if you try to survive on that alone you’ll starve. Stuff like salt and fat are an important part of your diet and their deliciousness is a good incentive to put in the work to get enough of them.

Different things taste different ways, everything that’s good for you didn’t arbitrarily decide to taste bad. Some healthy things are delicious, some healthy things are horrendous. Same goes for unhealthy foods, but there isn’t exactly a lot of demand for food that is both unhealthy *and* tastes bad.

Things like butter and sugar and oils make food delicious and can absolutely be healthy if eaten in correct amounts, but since they’re so damned tasty that people just want to eat way too much of it.

Welll….you gotta develop a taste for it. Certain flavors and textures are very attractive to our brains because they signal lots of easy calories which is necessary if you are living in a situation where food is hard to come by….they give you a lot of energy. So sugar and fat are super attractive and in moderation are perfectly fine to eat. However with our modern diet there is way too much sugar and fat added to foods to make then highly palatable. We have to use our common sense to not get tricked into eating low nutrition foods just because our brain says SUGAR AND FAT! YUM!