Why is sleeping during the day considered unhealthy?


my current sleep schedule is consistently going to bed at three in the afternoon and waking up at about 10 to 11. is this unhealthy? if so why? this is the only schedule where my body wants to go to sleep at the same time every day

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Your entire sleep system in your body is geared towards being tired and sleeping during the dark hours and being alert and awake during light hours. Sunlight and dark trigger the production of different hormones. If you’re sleeping during light hours you are likely getting less restful sleep than if you slept during the dark hours.

Permanently altering your sleep schedule in the way you’re describing can lead to serious health problems long-term. You can read up on [Shift Work Sleep Disorder](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shift_work_sleep_disorder).

I know people who work third shift and it works for them. It is more about routine and sleep patterns. As long as you get some deep sleep, delta waves and REM, you should be good.

No need for 8 hours necessarily either. While most do need it, there are people with a metabolism that allows them to only sleep for a few hours a day. Tesla was famous for not sleeping much.

Still practice healthy slip habits. A cold dark room, no high stimulus activities right before bed. I recommend a full spectrum light, especially In winter because 3-11 you’re missing essential sun time. Remember that this is a hard to break habit if there’s a risk of needing to work more traditional hours soon

Sorry you got downvoted for asking a quite reasonable question.

I used to work 3pm to 11pm and usually would go to bed at about 3am and get up at 10 or 11am. So I guess I was opposite your schedule (but still nontraditional schedule). It could be good to mention your schedule to your doctor, but if it isn’t causing you any problems then maybe this is ok for your body.

If you feel like those are the hours your body “wants” to sleep, you might have a circadian rhythm that is a little out of synch with most people. Look up advanced sleep phase syndrome.

The circadian rhythm is the set of internal biological processes that regulate the sleep-wake cycle. For most people, it means they get tired and want to sleep at night, and feel more awake during the day. Some people are biologically inclined towards other schedules. I’m not an expert, but I know there are a couple genes that have been linked to the circadian rhythm, and variants in them can affect the circadian rhythm in different ways. That’s why things like being a night owl often run in families.

You will probably get the best quality sleep by following your own circadian rhythm. If sleeping from 3 to 10 feels good, and you wake up refreshed, who cares what the clock says? That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice, though, if it affects your quality of life in other ways because it messes with work, school, social life, etc.

If this bothers you, you could consider raising it with your doctor, just in case there is another medical issue going on. Be forewarned that most primary care doctors aren’t too familiar with circadian rhythm disorders, and you will probably get a lecture and/or paper handout about proper sleep hygiene. I know saying “doctors don’t know about this” makes it sound like some kind of fringe science, but that’s not the case- some of the research identifying the relevant genes has won a Nobel Prize. There are are doctors who can diagnose circadian rhythm issues, they just tend to be specialists.

It depends on your sleeping pattern not the time of day. Think of a security guard who works night shifts they are awake in the night but asleep in the day, It doesn’t make a difference

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