Do Surgery Patients Bleed?


Well, I guess they do, but how much they bleed?
I wonder because few days ago I cut my finger from very sharp blade I blood so much it took about 15 min for the bleeding to stop.
Doesn’t it happen in surgery? How they handle this?

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It depends on the specific surgery. The goal is always to keep blood loss to a minimum. For minor procedures the blood loss can be minimal, for more invasive procedures the blood loss can be light to moderate depending on the surgery.

Edit: it’s also important to note that when major blood loss occurs, it’s because a main blood vessel was punctured. If this doesn’t occur then blood loss is usually minimal.

I know it might seem like a lot of blood loss when you cut your finger, but it really isnt. Your body has a lot.

They clamp major blood vessels but also they have a special scalpel that cauterized blood vessels as they are cut, so the blood vessels are sealed and bleeding is kept to a minimum.