eli5 Why are not all passenger seats in a car rear facing?


Like I said in the title? Why are not all passenger seats in a vehicle rear facing? Isnt that better for safety?

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They are safer, but it’s a traditional thing. No one wants to sit facing away from the other people, and the cars that did have it people reported becoming more car sick.

Something to do with the direction of the body. It is able to absorb the force of the crash more or have more support for the neck in a rear end collision.

Why would it be better for safety?

Crashes are most likely to happen at the front, hard braking is more dangerous to the neck than hard acceleration.

In general, people prefer to face the direction they are travelling. A lot of people have issues with moving backwards, especially with the frequent start/stops in a motor vehicle (as opposed to the smoother train rides).

Besides that, the rear passengers usually aren’t the ones at risk in motor vehicle accidents. They typically don’t have any protection other than their seat belt. If you’re referring to the front passenger, that would mean turning the seat around, which prevents the passenger from seeing in front – they might not need to, but they would certainly want to, and often is required to assist the driver in navigating. Plus, the reverse seat would block the sight lines of the driver.

There is a balance to achieve between safety in comfort. People will accept a certain level of safety until it become uncomfortable. If people had to sit backward in car, they would more than likely cross the comfort threshold for many, and they would simply stop riding in cars, or refuse to buy cars with such seats. Would more people survive accident? Probably, but it would also cost the industry too much. It is similar to five point seat belts. They would no doubt save many more lives. However, people would probably be less likely to wear them. The best engineered device in the world is useless if people don’t want to use it.