Eli5: why do people say to get at least 1g of protein for desired body weight when it comes to losing weight?


Eli5: why do people say to get at least 1g of protein for desired body weight when it comes to losing weight?

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Protein requires more energy to break the chemical bonds, say 20%, so it contributes less energy to maintaining your body’s systems. I’ve actually heard that number for building muscle mass, not dropping weight. However, research has shown that those trying to lose weight who engage in resistance training see increased benefits. The muscles use energy that would be otherwise stored, used for building muscle as well as performing the exercises. Since protein has ~4 cal/gram as opposed to fats (9 cal/gram), increased protein intake will also lead to less calories consumed. For example, eating 3oz of chicken breast vs 3 oz cheese. Both are filling but the caloric content is roughly half. So the 1g protein per pound body weight would be for building muscle with resistance training, leading to more muscle which burns more calories even in a resting state. The number itself seems to come from Ohio State research.

It is filling , also the 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is just a quick-and-dirty way to make sure you are eating enough of the macro nutrient while also minimizing muscle loss on a cut.

Because you don’t want to lose muscle mass, only fat. If you lose muscle mass your metabolism will drop too, so when it comes to losing weight you will want to have calorie deficit and at the same time to maintain a high protein intake.

Just because you stop eating it, doesn’t mean your body doesn’t still need it.

If it’s not given protein to continue building, it will just sacrifice parts of itself (generally in the form of muscle).introducing a modicum of protein helps minimize that consumption… as does good exercise.

Many people when dieting think that they just need to eat less food. And technically that is correct. When you eat less calories than your body needs to survive it converts stored fat to calories to make up the difference. However the brain does not just need calories to run the body, it also needs protein to function, if you cut calories while dieting and don’t provide any protein your body will not just break down stored fat, but it will also break down muscle tissue. So when dieting it is important that of the food you do eat during the day some of it should be protein