eli5: why isn’t the summer Solstice the hottest day of the year?


It is the longest day, so it gets the most sunshine, why is it hotter latter in the summer when the days are getting shorter again???

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Because the days after it are still long, so there is more time for the heat to continue to build. As long as the days are lengthy, the temperature can still increase (general trend)

Heating doesn’t happen instantly, there is a lag time. For really big things (like Earth itself) this lag time can be quite significant. Later in the summer the days may be getting shorter but the heat input is still enough to keep the temperature rising. If the summer days lasted for much longer then the average temperature would rise much higher before leveling off.

First off weather is complicated, certain years in certain places it may very well be the hottest day

But one big factor is that the days are still long enough and the sunlight is still intense enough that the earth doesn’t have enough time to cool all the way down overnight. So heat still build a up and you get hotter days.

Proximity to the sun, doesn’t necessarily make the hottest day because there are too many other weather factors (variables), such as, winds, clouds, pressure changes, humidity, etc.

For the same reason a pot of water isn’t at its hottest the moment you put it over the fire.

Things that time to heat up.

The water and the ground need time to warm up.