how did words like “and”, “the” come to be


What I’m asking is I get how humans named something like a rock look at a object and make a sound for it but how did people start to explain word similar to “the” it’s not a object so you can’t really show it to them and just make the sound but most words aren’t around yet so you can’t just give a definition?

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It is a common idea. I am sure that most humans are able to think of the idea by themselves of a condition where you combine two things. They can think that maybe a word is useful to help establish that connection. So, they create the word “and.”

If terms of teaching what the words means, you can still symbolize it. Let’s say I point at a rock and say, “rock.” Then, I point to a tree and say “tree.” Then, I first point to the rock and say “rock,” then point back and forth between the rock and the tree and say “and”, then I point to the tree and say “tree.” I am sure that most people would be able to understand that the word “and” means a link between the tree and rock in that situation.

Obviously, there are thousands of different words like these and I won’t go through a scenario to describe them all, but it can work that way. But, since humans generally think the same way, it isn’t all that hard to come up with a words for those common thoughts.