How do animation movie studios sync voices to animation?


I always wondered. Do they record voices first, then animate around the voice?

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Animate the general movements and whatever then Record the voice and overlay the voice and animate it in post production would be my educated guess

Different places use different techniques.

Some produce the animation first and have the actors sync to visuals, some record the dialogue first and animate to match. Generally, Japanese animation is produced by the former method, while most western animation is done by the latter.

The easiest way is to record lines and then animate the characters to the voice. They do it this way so that the actors don’t need to worry about matching any of the visuals.

In a lot of animation studios, they actually film the voice actors recording the lines and give the footage to the animators. If you watch a video of Robin Williams recording lines for Aladdin, its easy to see how his acting had an effect on how the Genie was animated.