how do companies implement lifetime bans on people? How in the world will the average employee know who’s banned from doing business with them if the banned person comes back to another store on another day?


Question also valid for sports venues, casinos etc.

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bans are often specific to a single store, because the individuals has done some highly memorable things there.

Nation-wide ban could be implemented by using the name from the credit card. Also, some organizations require ID’s, e.g. airlines or healthcare.

Generally speaking companies have no method of enforcing bans other than someone recognizing them and knowing they aren’t supposed to be there. Outside the specific store they have been banned from, and the same people working there, it isn’t likely they will be enforced.

However such a ban has another purpose. It means that if the banned person comes to another store and causes trouble then the company will have much more legal recourse. The person would be trespassing and liable for criminal as well as civil penalties. This is the real force behind such a ban. Sure you probably won’t be recognized, but if you *are* recognized the police will arrest you.

You’re right, it’s very difficult to actually enforce.

If it’s a local store they may be recognised and police called.
If it’s not a local store and they cause trouble again then when police are called they’ll work out there’s already been prior incidents and likely face harsher consequences.

As for how to actually ban, if booking tickets for an event or something you may be required to show id. This can be very easily and quickly checked against a database and the customer refused if necessary.

A ban can also be put on certain cards. This is easier to get around as you could just get a new credit card.

There is/will soon be facial recognition technology to assist in upkeeping a ban.

Places like stadiums or airports have very good CCTV set-ups and can upload images to the person if interest list for security to evict. Typically they would be people with multiple offences such as pitch invasion, violence or other abuse. Police can also use these systems if someone they are looking for enters the stadium or airport.

Some Walmart have facial recognition tech on their cameras. They know the moment you walk in.