How on earth do planes not crash into each other when taxiing in/out of gates?


I find it amazing that planes don’t crash into each other when taxiing in/out of gates. How do they do that? It’s not like the pilots have a backview mirror/window through which they can look behind the plane.

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The Tower observes the location of all planes on the tarmac and in the air surrounding the airport and give instructions accordingly.

Airports are designed to have space between the planes so they don’t crash, air traffic control has a person who is responsible for directing traffic on the ground so a plane doesn’t start to taxi to a gate before the plane that’s there already leaves, and there are people on the ground with hella dope rave sticks who are indicating to the tow vehicle and aircrew what to do (i.e., stop immediately if there’s a risk of collision).

Couple of things. Ground crews actually push the plane back from the terminal, so it isn’t the pilot looking over his shoulder. Though that’s kinda funny to visualize.

Also, at any decent sized airport they have a ground control system that pretty much works just like air traffic control. They tell them when they can push back, where to go, and when to go, till they get in line at the runway and get handed off to ATC.

Its absolute in no way amazing, its actually fairly simple.

First, pilots are highly trained. They’ve done this a lot of times. You probably never have, but to them this is normal. Taxiing has a lot of rules and procedues, much like driving a car on the road, you stay in your lane, follow traffic signs and stop lights and such

Second, they are being told where to go and when, there are people they are talking to on the radio that know when they are arriving, and what gate they need to go to for every plane. And plans are made to ensure they get there. But that said, there often aren’t that many planes taxiing around at the same time, its not much to de-conflcit.

Lastly, I mean, if theres an issue, you just stop, no seriously. you just stop make sure things are OK, then keep going

Planes dont reverse from gates under their own power. They are pushed back using pushbike tractors/tugs. Those low down weird looking truck things. The pushback is managed by groundcrew, and only on the authority of air traffic control.