What exactly happens when someone gets injured severely in the groin that could possibly lead to death?


Referring to this article posted recently: https://www.opindia.com/2019/06/karnataka-cow-smuggler-dies-on-the-spot-after-stolen-cow-hits-him-in-the-private-part/

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A strike to the groin area could have possibly ruptured one or both femoral arties. That’ll kill you in no time at all.

You have large arteries- your femoral arteries- in your groin.

Severing either one of them can cause you to bleed out in *seconds*.

It’s also extremely hard to stop the bleeding, even with an experienced medical professional with medical equipment.

One: both femoral aortas, and abdominal aorta are deadly if cut, and very hard to nigh-impossible to stem the flow (especially if damage occurs inside your abdominal cavity, not in the legs – you need a proper surgery to get to them, and you are not likely to perform that surgery within ~2 minutes of life you have left (and you get about 15-20 seconds of usefull consciousness). Abdominal / main aortal arc can be as wide as 7 centimeters diameter in some parts, and has quite pressure in it, too. Thats A LOT of blood being pumped out of you if it breaks.

Second: Any organ rupture can result in massive internal bleeding that can be deadly if not promptly treated, which, again, requires EMTs arriving on time, you surviving the transit to the hospital, and surgery being done in time.