What is Delta P? Why can’t they slow down the water?


What is Delta P? Why can’t they slow down the water?

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Delta usually means difference. P is pressure here.

When a pressure difference exists somewhere a flow will be created. That’s how your tap works, any fluid will always move towards the place of lower pressure.

Delta P is really interesting so I hope an actual expert stops by. My knowledge is limited. Do you know how pressure works? You know when you inflate a balloon, you use the force of your lungs to push air into a rubber container, the rubber stretched to accommodate to the amount of air that’s pushing against the walls. Because you pushed in more than it would contain without extra outside force, there’s a constant pressure in the balloon. Air naturally wants to disperse itself over available space equally, so pressure is only there when there is something providing resistance to contain it and it can’t go elsewhere, the moment you puncture the balloon, the air forces itself out because outside the balloon the pressure is lower / air is less densely packed and the balloon is pushing it through. It’s not any different with water, except water is heavier than air, so it pressurises itself more when it’s deeper since it stacks and weighs down on itself.

It’s like in a movie and someone shoots a hole in a plane or spaceship. That’s exactly what delta p is