What is typical for a night making out?


Maybe not literally ELI5, but just assume I’m really uninformed/inexperienced.

I like this girl and she likes me, and we’re getting dinner together. We don’t really have plans to do anything after, but assuming we start making out (likely), my understanding is that having “no plans” isn’t really a problem. But seriously, how long does that shit realistically go on for? I’m not looking to have sex, so … What’s a realistic expectations for the evening? Like, you make out for a bit, then do something like go on a walk together, then more of that? Or… Idk. What does a night with someone, not having sex, look like in terms of events? I seriously don’t understand how people can just “hang out” doing nothing but talking and kissing for the entire evening. Doesn’t the kissing get boring at some point?


This doesn’t really belong here but there is no “schedule”. Just go with what feels right and let the night play itself out.

If you two really like each other I promise you it will not get boring. Actually you will propably drop everything to keep going.

I am in a relationship for almost 8 years now and still stop many movies halfway through because talking, cuddling and kissing gets in the way.

This is a very loaded question that ultimately boils down to who you are. Your age, maturity, experiences and several other factors weigh heavily on what events will unfold during your date.

I do not know enough about you to recommend anything other than enjoying the evening, if you should so aptly put, (likely) start making out, then go with the flow. It sounds like you have expectations.

Enjoy your date, don’t expect things, experience them. If you’re new to this, there is no real advice that can be given to prepare you for anything that comes with romance. Respect boundaries, be safe.

Good luck with the tongue.