Why do Cars and Larger trucks use different types of winter tires?


Was looking at the truck in front of me and noticed it has tires that are completely different in pattern compared to what normal cars use. Whys that?

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Massive vehicles have so much downforce they don’t need all the fancy tread and they don’t go around corners half as fast. Usually the biggest worry is some vertical cut outs in the tyre for water dispersion.

Several things at the same time.

Trucks are comparably VERY heavy. You know.

That means that the tyres ability to push snow out of the way to get traction is naturally increased. Which means that a lot of the fancy design stuff you have to put on a car to give it any grip at all on snow and/or ice is simply not needed.

Instead, the manufacturer puts focus on the things that actually do matter on a truck. Road wear. Weight compensation. Expected mileage.

It comes with the concept that a winter tire is an attempt to find a good mix between traction on dry surfaces, traction in icy conditions, tractions in snow mod, audio comfort, given mileage and low cost.

You can’t get, and there is no sense in expecting, all of them at the same time.

It’s just that on a truck, the snow mod issue is a lot more out of the equation and the designer can put focus on other things.