Why do really tall people tend to have poor posture and seem uncoordinated?


Why do really tall people tend to have poor posture and seem uncoordinated?

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I’m 6’2″ (188cm iirc) so fall on the near end of tall. For most of my life I’ve had lousy posture, I think because of self-consciousness about being big. Sometimes it’s nice to loom over other people, but it can definitely be awkward too.

However, in the last few years, I found out that even when I tried to stand up straight, I wasn’t “doing it right.” What felt like normal to me was actually kind of a backward lean. I found out that projecting my chest forward, while weird at first, ended up looking much better and it turns out is healthier too. So now I’m in good shape. 🙂

As for being uncoordinated, that’s probably just a result of growing rapidly and not having quite an accurate idea of how big one’s body is. Once a person stops growing, that ceases to be as much of an issue. I wouldn’t call your average NBA player uncoordinated.

Don’t know that there is an official reason, but speaking as a tall guy, my posture is bad because everything around me is shorter than arm height; so I bend over to make my arms at the right height.

If I stood up straight while talking with people, everyone thinks I’m a dick since I’m looking down on them, so I tend to slouch a bit, making my eyes at the same level as everyone else.

My peripheral vision doesn’t see my feet, so I tend to kick stuff on accident if I don’t slouch too.

Put simply, your brain has to learn how big your body is, and how to control it. If you grow very quickly your brain doesn’t have time to “rewire” itself. That’s why growing children are usually uncoordinated. Once you stop growing your brain gets use to your size and you become more coordinated.

Big people grew big too fast, and so their coordination couldn’t keep up. Imagine trying to use a slightly larger phone each week for several weeks. You can get by, but it won’t be smooth like if you used the same phone for awhile.
This means that during the time in your life where you develop the most coordination you will always be a bit behind.

I haven’t seen any peer-reviewed studies on this or anything, so I could be wrong, but I think part of my poor posture is because a lot of stuff is made for shorter people. I have to bend over to see myself in many home bathroom mirrors, to wash my hands, or to use certain showers.