Why will Humans go extinct …If Bees Keep on dying ??


Why will Humans go extinct …If Bees Keep on dying ??


Because they pollinate our crops, our ability to grow food in the manner we currently do would be greatly reduced.
They also pollinate non edible plants, which then wouldnt grow causing massive disruption to the ecosystem, which could in turn lead to a collapse of the food chain.

I read somewhere that there is a place in China where all the bees died. So the people started pollinating by hand using tiny little brushes. Turns out bees are terrible at pollinating plants and their yields were much higher. Very labor intensive but it is possible to manually pollinate crops.

Also…im prettybsire someone is working on an autonomous pollinating robot. Who knows maybe it’s a robo bee.

Not extinct, but it could lead to wide spread famine.

We rely heavily on bees as they are the primary pollinator for many food crops. A lack of pollination means crops will fail, failed crops means less food. Less food means starvation in poor countries. However, wealthy countries will likely be able to fund the production of synthetic food production. Not only that, but we could possibly invent machines that could perform pollination.