: where does burnt fat really go and how does are weight come down



We all talk about burning fat…but I’m a physics person ik matter can’t just be destroyed so where does the burnt fat really go and what I mean is how is stuff from my body removed to make the weight come down …also some tips pls to loose weight 😬😬

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The “are” is typo for our so pleej spare me

As you start losing weight, the lost mass leaves your system through your urine, sweat, and breath. It’s really that simple.

Most ends up as CO2 and H2O that you exhale. The rest ends up as metabolites you excrete in urine or feces.

You lose weight by burning more calories than you eat. So get enough exercise to keep you fit and watch the “stealth” calories in things like processed foods, soda, and alcohol (a shot liquor is about 100 calories!)

IIRC 90% of fat will be expelled with respiration. 10% with other “methods”.

Tips? Just one: eat less and better. More green, less meat.

Weight loss starts here, training is just the tips of the iceberg. Always remember, you cannot outrun a hamburger.

You get energy by oxidizing organic carbohydrate compounds within your body – literally burning them. You exhale that burnt carbon and hydrogen as CO2 and H2O. This is how you lose mass. This is why it takes so much exercise.

Fat is burned by converting oxygen and carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and water, so basically the products are exhaled. Using the major muscles groups in exercise like walking is really good for a low stress way of burning calories.

Count calories. If your not losing weight your eating too many calories. This is the foundation of weight loss, all the fancy diets, tips, tricks, fads, trends etc are just more complicated ways of managing calories in Vs calories out.