ELi5: How does a country start to rebuild after a war?


ELi5: How does a country start to rebuild after a war?

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Government starts to spend even more money to reconstruct bridges, buildings and commerce this then stimulates the economy and families begin to thrive. Thriving families make bigger families. Citizens begin paying taxes and the cycle starts again. All concurrently

That heavily depends on the circumstances of the war.

– Nuclear full scale warfare: nope, no restart.

– Tactical use of WMDs and similar widespread destruction: there is a good chance that federal structures has broken down, and most reconstruction efforts are strictly local. Perhaps your country will unify later, perhaps new structures will emerge. Destruction on that level can take decades to overcome without outside help.

– “Normal warfare”: you rebuilt just like any other disaster, but probably on a larger scale. You prioritize essential serves (transportation, water, food, electricity, gas etc), after that you evaluate what remains of your industry, agriculture etc and you hope fully can start your economy again.

– An important role will be the countries around you, especially when it comes to money, refugee handling and direct support (machinery, manpower etc). The most well-known plan was the *Marshall Plan* after WW2, which kickstarted the European economy and helped rebuilt Europe in general and Germany specifically.


Firstly it clears the partially demolished buildings and either creates parks and open spaces where they were or builds new housing. It really depends on the extent of the damage and how much money they have and if there is unexploded ordinance around.