why electromagnets aren’t used in piston motors, including internal combustion or not including internal combustion


Will pistons specifically in the cylinder ever use electromagnets to propel the piston and to spin the driveshaft like gasoline motors?

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There are, in fact, vehicles that use electromagnets to drive the driveshaft of the vehicle directly, completely foregoing the need for pistons or combustion. We call these electric vehicles.

In order for electromagnet to function on such high temperature environment you need very high energy. That means that you net energy outcome from the system goes down since you need energy to overcome not only engine’s inertia but also to power the electromagnet now. Also what kind of function do you want the electromagnet to have?

Why make something move linearly to get rotation, when you can just skip that step and make it rotate from the start.

Pistons are just a crutch to convert explosions into useful motion, which you don’t need when you use electromagnets you can arrange in a way to get the motion you want directly.

There is no reason to have a piston if you’re not using internal combustion….the whole point of the piston / shaft is to turn the expanding products of combustion into rotational energy. The air gas mixture burns, expands, drives the piston up, and rotated the shaft.

In fact, having a piston going back and forth is very inefficient because you lose all of the momentum of the piston with every stroke.

There actually are applications of electro magnets in combustion engines. One example would be what bmw did with the vanos system. Basically solenoid driven valves to allow for computer controlled valve timing.